Sunday, June 10, 2012

Laundry baskets

TongJie had a great time being pulled around in a laundry basket this evening!  As we were setting out, he waved goodbye to Jeff, who was taking the photos.  TongJie looked like he was on a float in a parade the way he was waving as we were heading outside!

He had lots of fun in the backyard being pulled by me and then by Jeff:

I tried to take a turn, but I guess I'm too heavy!

TongJie and Albert have been interacting a lot more and that's always fun to watch.  TongJie also began using his car to actually sit on for the first time today.  He can't push his feet hard enough to go anywhere, but his favorite thing seems to be to get on the car and then get off and open the storage compartment, then close the compartment and get back on, then repeat.

My mom gave us a pair of 18-month shorts for TongJie for him to maybe wear later in the summer.  She knew they'd be too big for him now, but we thought it would be funny to try them on him anyway.  In the picture above with TongJie and Albert, he's wearing 12-month shorts and they're still a little big.  The picture below is the 18-month shorts.  He looks like he's trying to make a fashion statement.

Well, I suppose I should go . . . I have to do some laundry!


  1. You guys crack me up! What a fun post!!

  2. He he! Love it! You really do need a wagon! :)

  3. Love!! Your blog is wonderful to follow, I love seeing what you guys do together!

  4. Yes... time for a wagon. Hahahaha!