Monday, August 13, 2012

TongJie's sign language vocabulary

We started keeping track of TongJie's signing vocabulary, and it's now up to 20 words.  We only count words that he signs on his own, not words that he has signed once or twice just imitating Jeff or me.  Of course, those words that he hasn't quite got on his own yet will probably soon be added to the list!  Here are the 20 words that he can use in the appropriate context, more or less in the order that he learned them:

  1. more
  2. all done
  3. shoes
  4. cat
  5. mama
  6. eat
  7. dog
  8. milk
  9. daddy
  10. please
  11. diaper
  12. fan
  13. help
  14. water
  15. brush teeth
  16. pain/hurt
  17. cheese
  18. down
  19. hear
  20. clean up
It seems like once he really started using the first few words, he started picking up new ones a lot faster.  He realizes that he can communicate by signing, and it has cut down on his frustrations a lot.  He says "help please" all the time now and points to what he's trying to do.  We're proud of him!

We got a wall sticker growth chart for TongJie's room.  It's made of those wall stickers that are removable and reusable, so if we ever want to move it to a different wall we can.  I think it looks nice in his room, and sort of goes with the forest animal fabric that I used for his curtains.

I mentioned in my last post that we got some clothes and shoes at a yard sale all for $2 - you can't beat that deal!  One of the items that we got was a pair of Superman overall shorts.  Guess who was the one who picked them out?  (Hint: it's the other adult who lives in this house)  They're size 24 months and they're too big for TongJie right now, but they might be too small by next spring.  They were just too fun to pass up though.  I put them on TongJie and he wore them around for a little while at home.  It looks like they fit in the pictures because he's sitting on his car, but they don't really fit him that well yet, unfortunately.  Aren't they good lookin' overalls?

Whenever TongJie sees one of use reading, he goes and gets a book and climbs up onto the couch with it to "read" too.

He usually doesn't last too long before he gets down to find something else to do.


  1. He is really learning fast. I'm going to have to look up some of those signs and learn them too.
    It will be fun to see pictures of TongJie standing next to that growing tree every so often to see how he has grown!
    It's great how you put several different pictures of one topic because has so many cute facial expressions.

  2. What a busy little guy! How fun to see the "reading" pictures. :) Those Superman overalls are SUPER cute! I hope that maybe they will still fit next maybe with the straps loosened up all the way or something. How fun! And I really like that growing tree in his room!! Lovely idea, and very pretty too. I bet it does look really good with the fabric you used for the curtains.

    And look at all those signs!! Wow, TongJie! Fantastic! What a great signer. :) It's clear that he understands how language works and is learning to communicate. There is a family in our church that has successfully used sign language past the baby/toddler age, and they still use a lot of sign language with their 4-year-old boy as well as their 2-year-old girl. I saw the dad and little boy signing some of the words to the songs together at church last Sunday, and I was thinking of you guys...maybe TongJie will become bilingual with ASL and English one day. :)