Monday, June 22, 2015

A walk in Beijing

We have some extra time before we have to get ready to go to the train station, so I figured I could post some pictures of Beijing while we're waiting.  TongJie is watching Chinese cartoons on TV in our hotel room right now.  We had breakfast this morning, and TongJie was so impressed that they had rice and noodles for breakfast!  He had noodle soup, rice, a tea egg (he's had tea eggs before at Chinese new year and loves them - they're hard boiled eggs soaked in soy sauce), a spring roll, and fruit.  Afterwards, he said that the fruit was his favorite :) 

In our hotel is a display case outside of a gift shop, and there was a large stuffed panda on display.  TongJie has a favorite stuffed animal that is a panda he named "Sister," I think after Sister Bear from the Berenstain Bears.  Anyway, when he saw the large panda in the display case, he immediately wanted to go up to our room to get Sister so she could meet her "dad."  ha ha!  So we got Sister and introduced her to the big panda, and then she came with us when we went for a walk around some of the nearby streets.  It's smoggy here in Beijing but the weather is really nice right now other than that.  It's not too hot, so we tried to enjoy being able to walk around in the pleasant weather today since we know it will be really hot and uncomfortable when we get down to Guangzhou.

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  1. I love seeing these pictures and hearing about all the happenings! So excited to "meet" Ezekiel via the blog!!!