Monday, June 29, 2015

Tuesday, June 30 - A day with nothing to do

All the other Wacap families had their visa appointments at the consulate this morning, except for the one family that already had theirs yesterday and are getting ready to leave tomorrow.  So we're on our own today, and probably will be for the next few days.  That just means there's no outings with the guides, but we can still go out and do whatever we want.  It's a little limiting though when the weather is so hot, we don't know our way around that well, we don't speak the language, and we have a child who doesn't do well in the sun!  We're still having fun though.  The last couple of mornings we've had breakfast in the outside seating area and that has worked much better since we're usually the only ones out there and it's a lot more open for one of us to walk around with Ezekiel.  It's better than feeling like we're bothering people when Ezekiel gets fussy, plus the weather is nice when we're there before 7:00 and TongJie likes to be able to see the koi fish pond.  We went for a walk this morning and got drenched in sweat, and then went to the swimming pool.  

Yesterday evening we went to the outdoor play area that's here at our hotel next to the swimming pool.  It was really hot but TongJie still played on the little playground.  His hair was so sweaty it literally looked like he had just taken a bath.  Unfortunately, Ezekiel hates being in the stroller that we checked out from the hotel, but TongJie likes going in it.  I don't think the first few car trips are going to be fun with having to strap Ezekiel into a car seat.

We have been sad to hear about the fires back home in Wenatchee.  My parents have been keeping us updated, but it's hard to be away from home when we know that some of our friends are being affected by all of this.  We hope everyone is staying safe!

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