Saturday, July 11, 2015

Saturday, July 11 - Home again!

Friday morning, we took a taxi from our hotel in Hong Kong to the airport and checked in for our flight around 8:10.  Our flight left at 10:55, but we wanted to make sure we had plenty of time to get through customs and security and everything.  We ended up with plenty of time to spare, so we had lots of time to get breakfast, which everyone really needed!  The flight was about 12 and a half hours from Hong Kong to Seattle.  It's strange to leave Hong Kong on Friday morning and arrive in Seattle on Friday morning earlier than when we left - like traveling back in time!  The long flight actually went really well and both boys did a great job.  Ezekiel slept a lot and TongJie watched a lot of videos.  I made him turn off the screen to take a nap about halfway through, but he only slept for about an hour.  Neither me nor Jeff could sleep at all.  My parents met us at the airport after we went through immigration wiith Ezekiel, which didn't take very long at all (although the people who work in customs and immigrations at Seatac are not very friendly).  It was so good to be back in Washington again.  My parents drove us straight home and it was a pretty good drive, other than the first ten minutes or so when Ezekiel screamed and cried about being in his car seat, poor kid.  He slept most of the way home.  TongJie was so tired he was starting to act kind of crazy, but eventually he fell asleep too.  We got home around 1:30 and it was so good to be in our own house!  TongJie was so tired that I just put him in bed for awhile.  Me and Jeff wanted to stay up till at least 6:00 before getting everyone to bed.  We were so tired, we barely made it to 5:30.  We each took a kid and went to separate areas of the house - me and TongJie on our sofa bed in the living room, and Jeff and Ezekiel in our bedroom on the bed.  I let TongJie play with some of his trains on the bed so I could sleep.  Ezekiel actually slept pretty well most of the night, but after the first few hours, the rest of us couldn't sleep.  We all stayed in our beds in the dark.  Me and TongJie finally fell asleep around 4:00, and slept till 6:30 and I made some breakfast for us.  Jeff and Ezekiel were still sleeping.  TongJie went and layed down again after we ate, and then we both fell asleep till Jeff and Ezekiel got up at 9:30.  So I'd say it was a pretty successful first night!  We're not too worried about Ezekiel getting attached to sleeping in our bed since he's such a good sleeper.  I think we'll be able to start putting him into his crib pretty soon, but we'll see what happens.

No pictures today, I'm on my iPad and don't have any of our pictures on here.  Thanks for following on our exciting journey!  It's so good to be home!

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  1. Welcome home! So excited to see photos of your whole family at HOME! Thanks for letting us share your journey.