Sunday, July 22, 2012

Another sewing project

I made some shorts for TongJie from an old shirt of Jeff's that he didn't want anymore.  First, I did a practice from one of my many old Lincoln Rock polo shirts.  The practice shorts turned out alright, but I didn't take any pictures because they're kind of boring.  The "real" shorts, on the other hand, look much more interesting.  I used the existing shirt pocket as a pocket on the shorts, but I put it in the front because I figured TongJie will actually be able to get some use out of it that way.  If it was a pocket in the back, he wouldn't even know it was there.  I also sewed on a couple of tags from the shirt for a more authentic look.  I'm pretty happy with how the shorts turned out, and now I know how to do it - it's actually really easy.  Since TongJie is so short, I'll be able to make shorts and pants that fit him correctly if I want to, now that I know how.  Here's a front view of the shorts:

And the back:

And some photos of the model wearing them while trying out his kazoo:

I felt like I hemmed them pretty short, and you can see from the pictures that they're still kind of long on TongJie, but not too long like most of his store-bought shorts are right now.

Lately, it's been difficult for us to get photos of TongJie because he's learned that he can see pictures and videos of himself on the camera and he loves looking at them, so every time he catches sight of one of us having the camera out, he makes a beeline for it.  It makes it hard to get good pictures, so we have to try to sneak pictures of him when he's not looking, or else have the camera ready and quickly take a picture before he can start heading for the camera.

I did get a photo of him looking out the window of his cardboard box house:

And here's a little video clip that illustrates what I was talking about above.  In the video, you can see TongJie completely happy playing by himself (and even singing along to the radio) but the instant he sees me with the camera, he suddenly REALLY wants to be right there looking at pictures of himself.  Silly kid!


  1. Those shorts look fabulous! Well done! He looks like he's having a great time wearing them (and in general!).

  2. Haha! Gimme that camera! Great shorts, Crystal!

  3. Super job on the shorts! (Great idea to add the tags too.)
    We love the video. Thanks for posting.

    1. Wonder how long it will be before you find rocks and frogs in that pocket??

  4. I've always envied people who can sew. They are really cute. Good job Crystal.

  5. You did such a nice job on those short, Crystal!