Monday, July 30, 2012


Well, we decided it was finally time to give TongJie a haircut.  I hadn't really been looking forward to it, because I didn't know how he would respond to the clippers, but his hair was getting pretty long and scraggly.  We don't think he'd ever had hair that long before, and lately he had been feeling the back of his head like it felt strange to have all that hair, so we decided it was time to give him a short summer haircut.  We got out the clippers and showed him, and he came right over and sat on my lap like if he knew exactly what they were for - he probably had lots of haircuts in the orphanage.  We ended up putting him in his highchair and he did quite well for most of the haircut, until the end when we were trying to get it trimmed up around his ears, so that part is not really to my liking.  It turned out pretty good for our first time though!  I think he'll be happy to feel cooler in this hot weather.  Here are a few pictures of his new haircut:

(If you want to see what it looked like before, just go back a couple of posts to the pictures of TongJie eating the raspberries and you can see the difference!)

It was such a nice evening to be out in our backyard, and Jeff and TongJie did a little swinging.

TongJie thinks it's fun to sit in big chairs now, so Jeff helped him up onto a lawn chair.  It looks like they were deep in conversation:

And here's a picture of Jeff giving TongJie a snack yesterday after his nap.  TongJie is usually sad when he wakes up from his naps, and it takes a little while for him to cheer up.  Usually his bottle and a little snack will help!

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  1. Awww...I like TongJie's haircut! It's so cool and summery-looking! And I'm glad he was okay with having it done.

    I like those pictures of TongJie and Jeff in your backyard in the sunlight. You guys have a really nice yard, perfect for a curious toddler!