Friday, July 6, 2012

Nice weather!

Hooray, for nice summer weather!  We've been enjoying being outside a lot lately.  Unfortunately, TongJie hasn't been feeling that great the past couple of days and that's made for some extra grumpy moods, but he seems to be on the mend now.  We hope so anyway.

TongJie got to wear his American flag shirt on Wednesday that Grandma got for him to celebrate the 4th of July.  He has a swim diaper (another hand-me-down from my sister's kiddos) that we've never used, but TongJie seems to believe that it belongs on his head.  He likes to get it out and bring it to me to put on his head like a hat, and then he parades around the house showing off his impeccable sense of fashion.  On Wednesday, it went great with his flag shirt and red diaper cover!

I also love this picture of TongJie and Jeff, even though it didn't turn out very good.  Jeff was taking a little rest on the couch and TongJie went up to him to get a hug.

Also on Independence Day, we celebrated by going over to my parents' house and spending time with my parents, my sister, and her boys.  For the past few years, Drake and Levi have had a tradition of making a 4th of July cake.  Supposedly I help with this tradition, but this year I didn't contribute much, aside from "supervising."  Drake and Levi did a great job!  I love how TongJie is trying to make a grab for a raspberry in the picture.

TongJie wanted to ride on the scooter like the big kids:

And, speaking of Independence Day and celebrating our country's freedom, TongJie has been celebrating the freedom of being naked in the back yard!  He doesn't like the grass touching his bare feet, so we put sandals on him, but that's all.  He's been getting braver about getting wet in the sprinkler.

And here are a couple of pictures of TongJie taking a break from the sprinkler to sing, this time with a hose nozzle as a microphone.  He still sings periodically, but not as much as he did that one day a few weeks ago.  He likes to take a turn singing into the microphone and then hold the microphone up to my or Jeff's face for us to take a turn.  Except he usually tries to shove it into the person's mouth.  He never ceases to give us something to laugh about!


  1. He handles the mike really well--expect to see him up front with the praise team soon!

  2. We so much enjoyed getting to know TongJie during our visit to Wenatchee! What a precious little guy he is! Missing you guys lots...