Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A few more pictures

Here are a few more pictures from the past few days.  I also took some pictures during our excursion in Hangzhou this morning, but I haven't uploaded them yet so I'll blog more about that later.  We had a good time this morning and the weather was nice.  Jeff carried TongJie in the Ergo Baby front pack from Melonie and Adam and that worked really well.  We came back to our hotel and ate lunch and now we're trying to get TongJie to fall asleep for a nap, which is no easy task.

I took a picture of the outfit TongJie was wearing when we got him on Monday (the pants are quite snazzy in a very interesting way, although you can't really tell from the picture), another picture of some of the paperwork from Monday, a picture of the street his orphanage is on, and a picture of Jeff and TongJie looking out our hotel window.

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  1. That whole outfit is very snazzy! I bet you will save it in a special place, like we did with the outfit D & L wore coming home from the hospital. :) That paperwork looks really cool, sort of like a birth certificate. I wonder if you will get a copy of any of it? And how cool that you have a picture of the street the orphanage is on too! I'm sure all of these pictures, keepsakes, and your wonderful documentation of everything will mean a lot to TongJie someday!