Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A walk on the loop trail

Well, it's been one week since we got home from Seattle and TongJie's doctor appointments, and that seems to have been sort of a turning point in his adjusting to being here in his new home.  Even though he had a difficult night last night with waking up crying lots of times, his sleeping and general disposition is still so much better than those first few days at home.  We hadn't had watermelon for a few days but then had some again last night, and TongJie ate a lot of it to make up for missing it all those days I guess, and he still ate a lot of other food too.  All that made for an especially heavy, wet diaper in the middle of the night, which was probably part of the reason he was having a hard time.  I'd probably be crying, too, if I had to have that soggy thing attached to me while I was trying to sleep.

I'm realizing that our life here in Wenatchee is not nearly as interesting as it had been while we were in China, so there's not really much to report these days.  One fun new thing is that TongJie has been saying "bye," only he can't pronounce it correctly so he says "lye."  Whenever we leave to go somewhere, he waves to the house and says, "Lye. Lye," over and over again in his quiet little voice.  He also says it to one of us if we're going outside or something, or he'll say it when he's playing and he leaves to go into another room, or to Albert and the cats.  That's pretty much the only real word he says, other than sometimes we think he's saying "hi," but he doesn't use that one as consistently.  He does make a lot of other noises, just not real words.

We went for a walk on the Apple Capital Loop Trail after TongJie's nap, with Albert too, of course.  The weather was kind of cold and windy today, but it was still fun.  TongJie usually seems to enjoy being in his stroller, and he enjoyed it today.  Sometimes he starts to cry if we stop walking.  I guess it's too boring for him to just sit there and look at the same old things.  I didn't take any pictures while we were walking today.  In fact, I only took two pictures this evening, both of Jeff and TongJie.

Yesterday, my mom took the following picture of TongJie.  He has that look on his face like he's ready to get into something that he's not supposed to!


  1. Thank you for spending the time to keep up on the blog. It's a real blessing to us to get to see what's going on in TongJie's life.


    1. I agree with Melonie. It's the next best thing to being there!

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  3. Less interesting? Hardly! I love reading your blog!