Thursday, May 31, 2012

"Mega Blocks"

Ever since the second day we had TongJie when we found out how much he loved the stacking cups, we've been saying that he would probably really like to play with Duplo blocks or something.  So today when we were out and about, we bought a set of Mega Blocks, which are sort of like huge Legos for toddlers.  At first, TongJie was fascinated with taking them out of the bag and carrying them, one by one, to different locations throughout the house, but then I showed him how to stack them together and he's been totally engrossed in playing with them all evening.  You can see how hard he's concentrating on his work.

TongJie slept in kind of late this morning, so his nap was also later.  During the time he was napping, I did our budget for June and Jeff worked on a slideshow of our trip to show his kids when he goes back to school next week.  I also had time to mow the front lawn.  I didn't mow the back while he was napping because I didn't know if it would wake him up, since his bedroom is right next to the back yard.  It probably would have been fine because he seems like a pretty sound sleeper.  He probably learned that from the orphanage, because I imagine there was always a lot of crying and the kids just had to get used to sleeping through it.

We went for another long walk after TongJie's nap, and then Jeff went to music rehearsal at church and TongJie and I had dinner.  I found out he loves peas.  We had a bag of frozen peas, so I cooked some of those for the first time since we've been home, and he seemed to love them as much as he loves fruit.  I think he especially enjoyed his dinner this evening, and he ended up with rice all over his face.  I couldn't resist taking a couple of pictures.

Today marks two weeks since we've been home from China.  Every day TongJie seems to get more and more used to this being his home, and we're really thankful for that.  Thanks to all of you who are reading our blog and praying for us and thinking of us!  We can still use all the prayers we can get for attachment and bonding.  We're seeing signs of TongJie becoming more and more attached to us as his mom and dad, but a lot of the time it's hard to tell.


  1. He is just the cutest little guy! (And I definitely predict a future career in engineering...)

  2. I'm sure there must be times when you feel frustrated, but JUST THINK of all the progress you all have made in such a short time! Praying for you each day for bonding, scheduling, enjoying, praising, etc.