Saturday, May 12, 2012

Photos of TongJie

A couple of cute photos of TongJie from today.  Now I'm going to bed - goodnight!


  1. What an experience you are having! I can understand that you are ready to be home and in a regular routine. Someday when TonJie is much older, you can go back to China and enjoy the sightseeing without so much stress. We love the pictures and we can't wait to meet TongJie! Aunt Sue

  2. Tonglie is so adorable, and you two already seem like seasoned parents--especially Jeff with the front pack! Thanks so much for your detailed sharing--feel like we're right there with you. Blessings for the remainder of your journey. Sandy and Dick Parkhill

  3. Oh, what a little sweetie pie! I love the pics of TongJie the best, even though all the other photos are very interesting too. :)