Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Waiting to leave the hotel

As it turns out, I do have time for another blog post, mostly just because it's boring around here and we're all ready to go.  TongJie slept for about 2 hours while Jeff was holding him earlier today and during that time I was able to get all our stuff packed up.  When TongJie woke up we had a little lunch (instant soup and oatmeal) in our room and then walked to the Trust Mart again mostly just to get out of the hotel.  We did need some bandaids for a mosquito bite that TongJie got while we were at Shamian Island that he keeps scratching.  So now we're just waiting around 'til 4:00 when we can leave.  I think our van doesn't leave until 4:30, but Michelle, Bakha, and Fan are leaving for the Guangzhou airport at 4:00 so we want to see them off.  We're going to miss that family a lot - they were our favorite family that was with our Wacap group and we were lucky to get to be with them the whole time, from Beijing to Hangzhou to Guangzhou.  Michelle was saying that Fan must think we're like her aunt and uncle or something because we're always around.  So I hope we'll be able to keep in contact with them through email.

Right now TongJie is keeping himself entertained with his stacking cups and a large empty water jug.  It's always nice when he's in a good mood.  He plays by himself for a few minutes and then checks to make sure we're still watching and he'll sometimes toddle over to one of us and want to be picked up onto our lap but then he'll get down again on his own and go back to playing.  That is a HUGE improvement from the first few days when we couldn't put him down for even an instant or he'd cry.  

I don't really have much else to say.  We're looking forward to being home soon!

I took a few photos of TongJie's visa packet since we won't see it again after we turn it in at the LA airport immigration.  Also some photos from today while we've been waiting to leave.


  1. GREAT photos of TongJie! :) I especially like the one of him smiling while Jeff is giving him his bottle. So cute! We loved skyping with you guys last night and the boys keep talking about it this morning. Hope you're sleeping well. We are praying for a calm and uneventful flight. Love you!

  2. The photos of TongJie are adorable! Wow.. how cute that is with the jug and in Jeff's lap! It's SO fun to see his eyes smiling in both pics! yea! :) We are praying for a good journey home for all of you.