Friday, May 18, 2012

The first whole day at home

I just remembered that I didn't post anything on the blog today, so I'll do a quick post before I head to bed.  I stayed up with TongJie until about 2:15 this morning when he finally went to sleep and I got him into his crib, then I slept on the couch so I could be nearby in case he woke up crying.  Jeff had gone to bed at a normal hour so he could be recharged for the morning.  At 6:00 Jeff got up and I moved to the bed to sleep for a few more hours.  That was nice.  TongJie must have been so exhausted because we kept thinking he was going to wake up, but he ended up sleeping until 2:45 this afternoon!  I was starting to get worried, but he woke up on his own and was smiling and laughing when I went to get him.  After I fed him some lunch we all went for a walk in the new stroller and then he did a great job playing until dinner time.  He actually had a very good day, still quite a bit of crying, but he seems to be able to recover faster and in general his disposition has been much happier.  We've been seeing a lot more smiles and that is nice.  Also, he's been recognizing us and waving to us.  He also waves to the cats, whom he loves.  We were worried about getting him to bed tonight because of all the sleep he got, but I gave him a bottle and got him ready for bed and he fell asleep around 9:00 and I was able to get him into his crib without waking him up.  We still have to hold him in order for him to fall asleep.  We skyped with Melonie and Adam for awhile and it's now almost 11:00 and TongJie still seems to be sleeping, so we'll see what happens.  He may think this is just a nap and wake up anytime. Jeff and I will try to get some sleep and hopefully all of our bodies are getting adjusted to this "new" schedule.  It's 2:00 in the afternoon in China, so I don't feel all that tired right now!

Here are a few photos from the last few days.  I think I can add more than four at a time now:

 Here's TongJie sleeping in the Hong Kong airport while we waited for our long flight

 In our hotel room in Guangzhou, TongJie loved to crack himself up by looking at himself in the mirror.  I kept trying to snap a picture when he was actually laughing but couldn't get one

 The Stromings had left balloons and other stuff in our house and TongJie loves playing with the balloons!

 Our door was decorated for us when we got home.  It was fun to come home to a house with balloons, decorations, food, clothes, and toys!  The food has especially been helpful because we were too tired to think about going grocery shopping yesterday and we still got to have fresh fruit and vegetables and snacks.

 TongJie loves his new stroller from the shower.  We love it too!  I haven't actually taken him for a jog yet, but I hope to soon.

Eating dinner tonight - yesterday TongJie would hardly eat anything and was throwing food on the floor and spitting it out.  Today he was back to his normal food-loving self.

Hopefully tomorrow we'll do some more interesting things so there will be more to report.  Today I don't feel like we did much since TongJie slept for more than half the day.  Actually, Jeff and I were able to get a lot done and that was nice, like more unpacking and all our laundry and dishes.  By the way, now that we're back I can actually see the blog!  It's been fun reading all the old posts and reading the comments people have left.  For some reason, I hadn't seen all of the comments before even though they're linked to our email and we were getting emails with comments.  So it's been fun to see new comments that I hadn't seen before.


  1. So glad you are home safe and sound. I love those pictures of your dear little boy! Sounds like you're on the right track, trying to establish some kind of schedule, just kicking back, etc.

  2. Those are some adorable pictures of your sweet little guy! Love the updates as well, and we check your blog several times a day. :) We SO much enjoyed Skyping last night! Can't wait to hang out soon!

  3. Love the smile on TongJie in his new stroller! SO cute!!