Friday, May 11, 2012

Made it to Guangzhou

Well, we finally made it to Guangzhou, but we didn't get into our room until after 9:00 tonight.  We're all pretty tired and we're having a really hard time getting TongJie to sleep.  Our flight was supposed to leave Hangzhou at 2:05, but it got delayed because of bad weather in Guangzhou.  Sarah had gone to the airport with us and helped us get checked in for our flight but then she had to stay in Hangzhou later than us to pick up the passports for TongJie and Fan.  So we were waiting at our gate, along with Michelle and Bakha and Fan, and realized that the flight was delayed, but we couldn't understand any of the details because everything was in Chinese and nobody seemed to speak English.  We waited and waited, and waited some more.  The kids did surprisingly well.  Finally our flight left at a little after 6:00, so we had waited an extra 4 hours.  The flight was about an hour and 40 minutes, and TongJie had kind of a hard time but we made it.  We picked up our luggage and our guide, Elsie, met us and got us into the van that took us to the hotel.  Elsie had to stay at the airport to meet another family who was flying in from a different province.  We will have Elsie as our guide here in Guangzhou, and also Sarah will be with us again, so we're really glad about that but Elsie seems really nice too.  Like I said, Sarah had to stay longer in Hangzhou to pick up the kids' Chinese passports.  I'll have to post more tomorrow when we've got more time and after we've gotten some sleep (hopefully!) and I'll take some pictures of the Garden Hotel.  It is by far the fanciest hotel either of us have ever stayed in. Our room is actually a suite with a living room area and then a bedroom in the next room.  

We have TongJie's medical exam tomorrow morning.  Also tomorrow we get to meet up with the other Wacap families whose kids are from different provinces.  I think there will be a total of 6 families.  We've already met most of them in Beijing, but that was before we got our kids, so we're really excited to see those families again and to see everybody's kids.  I think we get to do laundry tomorrow too and we're pretty happy about that.

A few pictures from the airport - one is a picture of Fan, who is almost 4.  Another is a picture of a boy with those special pants I was telling you about that the Chinese kids wear with a slit in them.  It's kind of hard to tell in the picture, but you can see his red shirt showing through the hole.  It was hard to get a picture without looking like I was trying to take a picture, so it could have been better.  Another picture is one from when we were at Pizza Hut a few days ago that I don't remember if I ever posted before or not.

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  1. Oh how funny about kids with holes in their pants! That's a pretty big one! Maybe with those toilets that are set down into the floor of the bathrooms (like that other picture you posted) they can just squat without getting undressed? Still seems weird, though!!

    I really like that little book Jeff and TongJie are looking at! :) Is that the one you guys made and sent to the orphanage a few months ago with the blanket and stuffed animal?

    Fan is a cute little girl, too. I wonder how it is for her, since she's old enough to be used to talking to communicate and she can't communicate that way with her new family...

    Oh, TongJie is just SO cute! I can't wait to meet the little guy! :)