Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I remembered that even though I can't get the photos to upload to Blogger, I can use the old email trick that we used in China.  The only problem is that I can't choose what order the photos will show up.

POLITICALLY INCORRECT ALERT:  We saw a store in Seattle called "Free People" and couldn't helping taking a picture of it with the caption "Why did we travel all the way to China when we could've gotten one here for free?" I hope nobody reading this blog is too easily offended, because that was obviously a joke - we wouldn't trade TongJie for anybody in the world, free or not!

A photo of the welcome home sign that our friends from youth group and Awana made for us, placed in our home by the Stromings as a surprise for us when we got home from China.

Also a photo of the waiting room at the medical center this morning.  I think TongJie was disappointed we didn't get to wait longer so he could check out all the cool toys!

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  1. Love these pics, especially the one of Jeff & TongJie in the waiting room! TongJie looks very studious and intent on figuring out those wooden beads!

    And I laughed about the "Free People" store - I bet there are lots of parents (adoptive or not) who wish it was that easy. ;)

    What a cool poster that your youth group and Awana kids made for you!