Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday afternoon

I mentioned in my last post that TongJie slept for a LONG time yesterday morning/afternoon.  As we suspected he might, he woke up last night around midnight, probably thinking he was waking up from a nap.  He was in a good mood, ready to play.  Neither Jeff nor I were very tired either - we're having a much more difficult time adjusting to the time change this time than when we arrived in China.  Probably has something to do with our new family member.  :)  I tried to sleep while Jeff entertained TongJie for awhile but I couldn't sleep one wink.  So we traded off at about 3:00 am, and I finally got TongJie to sleep around 4:00 and went to check on Jeff to see that he hadn't been able to sleep either and was up reading.  By then it was already getting light out, so it was even harder to get to sleep.  I think Jeff finally fell asleep around 5:00, but I didn't until after 6:00.  You probably know that feeling of frustration when you're trying to sleep because you know you really need to and it's getting later and later, but you just can't go to sleep.  When we woke up it was almost noon, so we woke up TongJie because we decided to try helping his body adjust to the new time by waking him up instead of letting his sleep all day again.  I also tried using a cloth diaper for the first time, and realized today was a bad day to do that because he did not like it one bit.  Partly because of being woken up and partly because of the cloth diaper (I think) he has been cranky all afternoon.  Nothing we do seems to help, not even a walk in the stroller.  When I changed his diaper I put a disposable one on again, but he was already beyond the point of being consolable.  He fell asleep around 4:00 so I put him into his crib for a nap.  Maybe he'll feel a little better when he wakes up, and maybe we'll be able to get to bed a little earlier tonight, like around 10:00 or 11:00.  It was encouraging to see how good-natured he was after getting all that sleep yesterday, so it makes me hopeful that once we get into a normal sleeping routine he will have a much easier time with everything.

Jeff went to see "The Avengers" with Damon, Matt, and Megan.  I'm glad he could get out of the house and visit with some friends.  If TongJie is in a better mood after he wakes up and after Jeff gets home, we're going to try going for a short drive in the car so he can get some practice in the car seat.  We have to drive to Seattle on Monday for our appointments with Children's Hospital about TongJie's cleft palate and with Dr. Davies at UW Medical for his check-up.  So we're hoping some practice in the car seat for short amounts of time will help to prepare for that long drive coming up . . . or maybe it will be a complete disaster.  We figure these things out as we go along.

I hadn't taken any pictures today, but I know it's more fun to see pictures so I just went and took some - there's not much to photograph since TongJie is sleeping and Jeff is gone right now.

 Do I look tired?

TongJie is asleep in his crib for a nap - I didn't even raise the side of the crib because I was afraid I'd wake him up.  He has never stood up in his crib yet, but don't worry, I'm keeping a close eye on him!

I guess that's all for today.  Things just aren't as exciting now that we're not in China anymore, but boy are we glad to be home!


  1. Not being able to fall asleep is very frustrating! Hope your bodies can get used to Pacific Daylight Time real soon. :)

  2. Awww...he is so cute sleeping in his crib! And you do look a little tired. ;) But very pretty...I keep forgetting to mention how much I like your hair! I kept noticing how nice it looked in all the China pictures too - maybe I will cut mine like that. :)

  3. You look happy...very happy...but, then, I can relate...tired has little to do with it! =D It's just part of the journey! Hang in will get better!!