Saturday, May 5, 2012

More pictures

Hi again!  It sounds like the pictures are visible on Blogger, so I'll try to add a few more.  Like I said, we're having a very uneventful morning, so we've got nothing better to do at the moment :)

I'm not sure what order the pictures will appear on the blog, so I'll tell you what the pictures are of, and then you can figure out which picture goes with which description.  Two pictures of breakfast at our hotel, one picture of an intricate ship carved from jade at the jade factory, and one picture of a mask hanging on the wall at the tea store (we were thinking the masks look like a Chinese version of lucha libre masks!), and one picture of a toilet . . . I couldn't resist posting it, as anyone who knows me very well knows that after spending 11 summers cleaning toilets at State Parks I have a special place in my heart for all types of toilets.

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  1. It was so cool to skype with you guys yesterday! These are great pictures, too. The boys especially like the toilet. Haha. :) And that jade ship is amazing!